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How it all started


How It All Started

People always ask how I ever got started with this flower making hobby of mine, by total accident of course. My primary way of making an income is car sales and on the car lot, you may be on shift for eight to 13 hours. When times are slowly moving by, filling up that time can prove to be a challenge. One day while on the lot one of my coworkers was making a traditional flower, sort of like a tulip that you can put on mixers or a wedding cake barring. One guy, another coworker challenged me to do better and the rest is history.

My first year was purely experimental then I started taking on bigger challenges. Eventually, I started visiting the internet to find different flowers to attempt to reproduce. That is when I set up the rules and guide lines for my art or style for creating flowers using a paper tissue. The rules are quite simple, roll all tissue edges and use nothing but tissue and some water to keep your finger tips moist so that you can roll the tissue.

By the end of my second year, I had a lot of people asking me to make flowers for their significant other, wife or for events like weddings or special occasions which I declined for the most part. Folks always ask me why I don’t sell them.  I will tell the truth now, it’s not a hobby if I do it for money plus I get more pleasure at seeing the smile when I give one my newly created paper flowers to an observer.

Eventually, I came to the point where I was curious. What would other people create if they knew how and had the ability to do what I do and I hope to take it one step further? And that is what truly started this venture of taking flower rolling to the public. Pure curiosity.


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