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WORLD FLOWERS | Several years ago when I had my studios, classroom, and gallery in NW Portland, I met a man named Arnold Drake World who had this hobby with napkins that he was passionate about—rolling them into GORGEOUS flowers. We talked maybe two hours where I gave him a few leads about how to use the internet for his business, etc.

I saw him once more a couple of years after that first meeting, and Arnold presented me with his “kit” for making his flower designs from napkins. The kit included a CD-ROM with instructions.

Arnold then made videos and posted them on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/arnolddworld/videos).

And now he’s on Facebook sharing images of some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen him do yet (see attached images).

If you are a TEACHER, HOMESCHOOLER or DAYCARE PROVIDER, check out Arnold’s work and consider bringing him to your classroom or crafts room, or purchasing his kits for your kids. I promise you, they will have a blast creating flowers from simple napkins.


If you are a home CRAFTER or work with ELDERLY folks, ditto the sentiment!


Dear School Teacher:

Among the many findings of the recent study, The Academic Value Of Hands-On Craft
Projects In Elementary Schools, the following stand out:
• Student learning improves when classroom lessons incorporate hands-on craft activities.
• Student behavior and socialization skills improve when crafts are undertaken.
• Learning through craft projects accommodates students with different learning styles.
• In classes where teachers devoted a moderately large proportion of instructional time to
craft projects, students achieved significantly higher scores on a test that required them to
apply what they learned in a new context.

World Paper flowers LLC. wants to help Portland Area Schools achieve student-learning goals for this academic year. Backed up by research, we are convinced that craft projects can play a significant role in academic achievement.

In order to help Portland Area schools integrate crafting in the curriculum, we can present your staff
with this groundbreaking education research, discuss teachers’ needs, and introduce World Paper Flowers LLC. special resources for educators. We want to ensure that worldpaperflowers.com can provide all of the creative materials and ideas to assist teachers in reaching students through creative and fulfilling projects.
Please call (503-608-4430) this week to further discuss crafting and the curriculum. Meanwhile, if you would like more information about our craft visit http://youtu.be/r6MN-aJUn_A

or The Academic Value Of Hands-On Craft Projects In Elementary School, you can find the complete study online at www.teacherplace.org


Arnold Drake World
World Paper Flowers LLC.



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